Together, we can change a student’s tomorrow.

We believe that accessing and completing a postsecondary education should be a realistic goal for all students.

Paying for college is a significant challenge for many Mohawk students. They need money for tuition, food, rent, books and supplies. There are always shortfalls. Your generosity can make the difference.

This gift catalogue contains carefully selected items that will help make a difference in a student’s life by reducing their stress and giving them hope.

Choose your gift today!

Mohawk student sitting by a tree on her laptop

“Currently, I’m working two part-time jobs and I’m a full-time student. I have a lot on my plate trying to earn enough money to pay for textbooks. Financial assistance would help me focus on being a student and get good grades while learning.”

Estefani, Computer Systems Technology
– Software Development student

Shopping basket full of groceries

Fill the fridge $100
Groceries for one person living in Hamilton cost about $400 a month. When you donate you are nourishing student success.

People at an airport walking with their luggage

Bring them home $75
With tight budgets, some students might not be able to afford a bus or train ticket to their home to see family over the holidays or in an emergency situation.

Red tool box containing several tools

Tools of the trade – hardware $400
Having the right hand and power tools is essential for skilled trades training. Your gift will give students a constructive boost for their studies.