Now, more than ever, we can change a student’s tomorrow. Together.

Many of us are facing challenges due to COVID-19, including our students.

They are now up against financial difficulties that they could never have anticipated. Students, like many others, are looking at situations such as loss of part-time jobs, adjusting home resources to accommodate online learning, and unplanned trips home.

If you are looking for ways to help, consider supporting our students through one of the options below. Your support will provide immediate assistance to Mohawk students in these challenging times. Donate now.

Apartment Buildings

Reduce the rent $250
Rent represents a significant cost for many students. Your gift lightens the financial load.

Shopping basket full of groceries

Fill the fridge $125
Groceries for one person living in Hamilton cost about $400 a month. When you donate you are nourishing student success.

Closeup of a light bulb

Provide the basics $50
Having a roof over your head is a good start, but most renters also have to pay for basic utilities like electricity, heating and cooling, and water – about another $160 dollars a month. Your donation will give students a welcome financial ‘break’.

People walking through an airport

Get students from point A to point B $100
Help reduce travel expenses for students who need to get home in an emergency, or need help covering costs associated with placements or co-ops.

Safety Glasses

Equip students for success $100
Many Mohawk courses have required equipment. They include things such as lab coats and safety glasses, licensed software, power tools, and more. Your gift will ensure that students have what they need to complete their studies.


Access to technology $150
Help students learn anywhere, anytime by helping provide Wi-Fi and laptops to accommodate virtual and remote learning.

Wooden cube with a question mark

Can’t decide?

Make a donation to Mohawk’s General Support Fund and we’ll gratefully use it to meet students’ most urgent needs.

Donate Now